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Love Trumps Hate

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Use art to help yourself keep positive thoughts during these next 4 years.

Love Trumps Hate, 2017

Handmade screen print in red and blue ink on 8" x 10" 100% cotton paper.

Editioned, titled, signed and dated by artist.

Original design by Whit Harris.

Welcome! I'm Whitney Harris an independent artist and printmaker from Brooklyn, New York.
Here you'll find my original illustrations printed on paper by hand in my home studio. 

Many of my drawings are created from my imagination, though I draw inspiration from the people, places and objects I encounter while living life in a big city. The work currently posted is part of a series highlighting femme black women in plant filled spaces.

If you interested in original drawings, custom artwork, or have something to share with me, email me, hello@whitharris.com.